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July 25, 2019

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Heavy Equipment Salesman and His Appearance

July 13, 2019

We have been hearing this famous saying since ages “First impression is the last impression”. Not sure how far this saying is correct but as far as the construction industry is concerned this saying matters a lot. Right from heavy equipment salesperson to the marketing guys who are promoting a construction company. These guys need to carry a pleasing personality and can never manage to look shoddy. There are few mannerisms as well which they are supposed to follow whenever they go out to meet a client.

The client will not entertain them

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Fuel Consumption of Heavy Equipment Per Hour

July 13, 2019


Fuel consumption has always been a matter of worry among almost every construction companies. They have to spend more on fuel than perhaps on the maintenance of the machine. It is believed that the overall operating cost of a construction project involves a good portion of money spent in the fuel consumption of the machine. The construction companies try hard to get the figures down but they can only do that when the fuel rate in the global market is down. This means that they suffer a lot as the machines they owe do not consume

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